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The Best Destination Bachelor Party

Your Perfect Destination Bachelor Party

We will help you plan and enjoy the perfect bachelor party in the Dominican Republic. Santo Domingo is the perfect location to host your bachelor party. Located on the Caribbean so you can enjoy the beach, boating, fishing, etc. it is also a large city so once you come off the beach you can enjoy a nice dinner, maybe a cigar bar and then off to clubs to enjoy the rest of your night.

The Location

Let us help you find the perfect part of the island and once we have the perfect part of the island we will then find you the perfect house or condo, etc. to host your bachelor party.

Food & Drink

Experience Dominican restaurants with great food and views or we can prepare your meal at your villa. More importantly, we will make sure your villa is well stocked with Dominican rum, beer and whatever else you need.

Years of Experience

With a combination of an American as the owner and some of the best locals on the island, we have a team who can provide you the experience you are looking for.


From the moment you land to the moment you fly home you will have safe, reliable and on-time transportation.


We speak perfect English and Spanish. We have North American and Dominican phone #’s. Call or email us!


Let us help you plan the perfect bachelor party. We know what you are looking for.

Contact Our English Speaking Customer Service Dept.

American Phone: 1-305-204-6504
Dominican Phone: 1-829-994-5150

The Beach

Whether you want to stay at a house on the beach or in the city and then drive to the beach, we know what beach to take you to. From relaxing beaches to beaches with bars and clubs, we know where to be.

Bachelor Party Beach Dominican Republic

Day Boat Trips

Booze cruises, fishing or remote island adventures. If you want to experience the Caribbean by being on it, just ask.

Cigar Bar Dominican Republic

Cigar Bars

The Dominican Republic has some of the best cigars rollers in the world such as Arturo Fuente, a famous Cuban roller who relocated here. If you are a cigar aficionado, the Fuente’s Family Cigar Bar is a must-see location.

Boat Excursion Dominican Republic

Food & Drink

From quick and casual to upscale nights out. We will provide you with the food and spirits you are looking for along with the atmosphere that is just right for your bachelor party. We will make sure your rental villa is stocked full of ice cold beer and spirits before you even arrive.

Nightlife Bachelor Party Dominican Rebuplic


Dinner, drinks, bars and clubs -Santo Domingo has the nightlife guaranteed to make your bachelor party memorable.

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