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Meet Our Team
You can reach an English-speaker by calling or emailing us. Our English-Speaking scheduling department
will assist you in arranging your transportation needs.

We currently have 11 full time drivers (several of the drivers speak English), 2 full time translators (for when we run out of English speaking drives) and several part time drivers. Below is our core group of employees that makes up our family here at Santo Domingo Taxi.

Roderich Rodriguez


Roderich is a recent graduate of accounting from the University of Santo Domingo. After graduation  he spent 6 months in the United States studying English every day. His English is good and is improving every day. Soon it should be great. Roderich has probably been to every hotel on the island at least once and many of the hotels numerous times.

Angel Driver Santo Domingo Taxi
Angel Figuera Lara


Angel has been a taxi for 14+ years in the city of Santo Domingo. He is our number 1 Spanish speaking (only) driver. He has a wonderful personality, is very honest and professional. While he doesn’t speak English even our non-Spanish speaking guest enjoy being driven by Angel because of his personality. Angel lives in the city with his wife (Joselin) and two children; his daughter (Yerlin) and his son (Yensi). His nickname is the “Singing Taxi”.

Francisco Alberto Alicea


Born in Santo Domingo and raised in Puerto Plata, Rino has been a driver working at the Santo Domingo Airport for 15+ years. After losing both his parents one month apart he is now raising his younger sister Maria alongside his own daughter Michelle. Rino primarily works with our Spanish-speaking clients, but when we are short-handed on English-speaking drivers, we will send him with a translator to help our English-speaking clients.

Ken Smith


Ken is originally from the United States (San Diego, California) and has been living in the Dominican Republic for the last 10 1/2 years. Ken is primarily in charge of helping our clients make reservations and sending them as much information as he can find about the location they will be staying in. If you need information about where to eat, what to see and do, etc. let him know. Let him help you make your itinerary.

Felix Arias


Born in raised in the capital city, Santo Domingo, Felix has been a professional driver for the last 15+ years. Felix has been a driver for us for years, but he just recently started helping our English speaking clients. Everyday his English improves. He lives in Santo Domingo with his teen age son and he has recently moved his elderly mother in with him as well.

Rolamny Luzon


Born in Santo Domingo, Rolamny has been transporting visitors back and forth to resorts and rentals for the last 18 years. He lives in Santo Domingo with his wife and his 3 young daughters. If you are group of 5 to 14 passengers, there is a good chance you will meet Rolamny.

Mello Encarnacion


Originally from the small farming town of Cercado, Mello started his professional driving career at the age of 16 hauling potatoes and vegetables from the farms in Cercado to the capital, Santo Domingo. Mello then moved to the capital where he had had 5 children with his wife Ana. For the last 25 years Mello has been working at the Santo Domingo Airport helping visitors safely transfer to and from the airport. No one knows the roads in the Dominican Republic better then Mello.

Blaise Aimable


comes from Haiti and has been living in the Dominican Republic for the last 4 years. He is in his senior year at the University and soon he will graduate, go back home and do great things in his country. Till then he is helping us by going along with the driver when the client can’t speak Spanish and we don’t have a driver available in the clients language. Blaise is fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Juan Carlos


Juan Carlos is born and raised in the capital city of  Santo Domingo and lives here with his wife. He knows the streets and highways around the country very well. There is a good chance you will have Juan Carlos driving you if you are a larger group. He drives our large passenger vans and our mini-buses. If you are a group of 7 to 30, he can help you.

Jose Espirtusanto


Originally from the Higuey, a small town close to Punta Cana, Jose has been a professional driver for the last 24 years. Jose moved to La Romana where he had had 3 children with his wife. Jose primarily assists visitors arriving at either the Punta Cana or La Romana airports. He is usually seen on the highways and streets driving visitors to any of the wonderful resorts in La Romana, Bayahibe and Punta Cana.

Arobes driver Santo Domingo Taxi
Arobes Rosario


Arobes is born and raised in the capital city, Santo Domingo and knows the streets well. He has been driving people around not only the capital put the whole country for the last 16 years. If you need to know where to find or see something or a simple transfer from the airport to your resort, Arobes will provide you the service you are desire.

Ray Driver Santo Domingo Taxi
Raymundo Suarez


Born in raised in the capital city, Santo Domingo, Ray has been a professional driver for the last 20 years (it’s the only job he has ever had). No one knows the roads better then Ray. He lives in Santo Domingo with his wife, his 2 young daughters and their newest addition to the family, their son.

Wislon Honorat


Wilson helps us when we only have available a Spanish-speaking driver and the visitor doesn’t speak Spanish. Wilson has been working in the tourism industry for the last 5-years and can speak perfect French, Spanish and English.

Plutarco Fernandez


Born and raised on the Samana peninsula Plutarco moved to the capital city, Santo Domingo, as young man. At the same time, he started his career as a professional driver and has been primarily working from the Santo Domingo airport for the past 18 years. He is usually found assisting our mid-sized groups with transportation. Plutarco has 3 adult children.

Ruben Arias


Born and raised in Santo Domingo Ruben has been assisting visitors reach their final destination for the past 7 years. He lives with his wife and his 2 young children. Ruben enjoys the opportunity to drive visitors to the Samana peninsula, where when he is done with the service and if time permits, he sneaks away to one of the many wonderful beaches on the peninsula for a little down time.

Danny Driver Santo Domingo Taxi
Danny Mercado


Born and raised in Santo Domingo Danni has been assisting visitors arriving at the Santo Domingo Airport for the past 6 years. Recently engaged to be married he lives with his fiancé in Santo Domingo. Danni is also one of our English speaking drivers.

Carlos Driver for Santo Domingo Taxi
Carlos José Herrera Ortiz


Born and raised on the Samana peninsula, at 18 years old, Carlos and his girlfriend at the time moved to Santo Domingo to attend college. Now married and with a child they have been living in the capital for 11 years. After finishing at the university Carlos started assisted visitors of the Dominican Republic by driving them to their destinations.

Santo Domingo Taxi Driver Ferneli
Ferneli Ramirez


Born and raised in Santo Domingo Ferneli has been working with us for several years now. He has been a professional driver for over 13 years. Ferneli helps our mid-sized groups and also specializes in helping news crews from the United States when they come with all their equipment. Ferneli has 2 children (a teen age daughter and young son).

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