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Santo Domingo Car Service

Specializing In Non-Spanish Speaking Visitors Arriving At The Santo Domingo Airport


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The Best Santo Domingo Car Service
At The Las Americas Airport (SDQ)

Why Use Us Santo Domingo Car Service?

English Speaking Car Service

English Speaking

Our reservations’ office is manned by a native English speaker & many of our drivers speak English.

Santo Domingo Car Service No Prepay

No Pre-Payment & Fixed Prices

Pay only after you arrive at your destination with cash (any major currency) or credit (visa/ MasterCard).

Santo Domingo Car Service 24 hours a day

24 hrs /7 Days

From the airport or to the airport, we will be there when you need us. We work 24 hours a day.

Santo Domingo Car Service Professional Drivers

Professional Service

Safe, Reliable, Friendly, & Professional drivers. Vehicles are kept to USA & Euro standards.

Santo Domingo Car Service Door To Door

Door 2 Door

We greet you once you clear customs & drive you directly to your resort or final destination.

Santo Domingo Car Service Years of Experience

Years of experience

We provide the experience you are looking for & can answer any questions you have (even non- transportation questions).

Santo Domingo Car Service & Much Much More…

We Can Help You…

Get It, Do It, See It, Or Get There

Transportation From The Santo Domingo Airport

Santo Domingo Car Service English Speaking Reservations

Price Quote

Our English-speaking reservations’ department will provide you with a price quote. We charge 1 fixed fee (all taxes, road tolls, etc. included). No pre-payment or deposit are required. Only pay when you arrive at your final destination using cash (any major currency) or credit (Visa/MasterCard).

Car Service from the Santo Domingo Airport

Confirmation / Reminder

Once you accept our offer, we will send you a confirmation for your records. We will also send you another email (2 days before transfer) with your driver’s details (name of your driver, photo of your driver, and a photo of the actual vehicle) and remind you that we will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign that has your name on it.

Santo Domingo Airport Meet and Greet Car Service


We will track your flight and be there when you land no matter if you are early, on-time or late. Your driver will be waiting for you to walk out of the customs room. Once outside of the customs room and in the main arrival area of the airport, it will not even take a minute to locate your driver. Your driver will have a sign with your name on it.

Group Transportation

Santo Domingo Car Service can arrange transportation for any size group. If you are coming here for a special event such as weddings, bachelor & bachelorette parties, golf outings, family reunions, tours, excursions, etc., contact us for a price quote. We can help you with the planning. We have the proper connections to assist you in planning and executing the perfect event for the lowest cost.

Tours & Excursions

Santo Domingo Car Service Tours

Santo Domingo Car Service can arrange tours and excursions for you based on what you want to see & do and also in what part of the Dominican Republic you will be. We can arrange tours from 2 to 100+ visitors. We offer a core group of tours and excursions -with our #1 rates tour being the Historical City Tour. These were selected by us because of the high quality of the tour or excursion, the enjoyment our previous clients experienced, their uniqueness to the Dominican Republic and/or their cultural.

Contact Our English Speaking Reservations Department

American Phone:

Dominican Phone:


Facts about Santo Domingo Car Service

How Do I Find My Car Service When I arrive At The Santo Domingo Airport?

Santo Domingo Car Service will have your driver waiting for you with a sign that has your name on it. Your driver will be waiting for you at the main arrival area of the airport, just outside the doors to the customs room. Once you clear customs, you will find your driver- usually in less than 1 minute.

Santo Domingo Car Service Rates?

The rates for the car service will vary depending on the number of passengers, from where we will pick you up and where you need to be taken. We offer a One Price fee (all taxes, road tolls, etc. are all included). Our price is fixed, and we make sure to provide you the price quote before you arrive to ensure there is no confusion. No pre-payment or deposit is required. You may pay when we drop you off at your final destination.

Should I Reserve My Car Service Before I Arrive At The Santo Domingo Airport?

Yes, Santo Domingo Taxi provides car service for those who have a reservation. Creating a reservation before you arrive allows us to provide you a fixed (everything included) price, allows us to provide you with the name of your driver, the photo of the driver and a photo of the vehicle the driver will be using, and will allow us to have your name on a sign that your driver will be holding to make sure it is very simple for you to find your driver.

Is Our Santo Domingo Car Service Safe?

Yes, of course our car service is very safe. Our drivers have received extensive training on safe driving along with monthly refresher meetings. We are a boutique car service which allows us to maintain a high level of service. All our drivers are hand-picked by the owner. While any company can drive a visitor, our company’s philosophy is that our first and highest priority is to ensure your safety and secondary is transportation. You will always be well taken care of when you use our car service.

Do We Offer An English-Speaking Car Service From Santo Domingo?

Yes, our reservations’ department is staffed by a native English speaker (an American) and many of our drivers speak English. We confirm with you at the time of the reservation if you need/want an English speaker, and, if needed, you will always have access to an English speaker when you use our car service.

How To Contact Santo Domingo Car Service From The United States?

You may call our USA # 1-305-204-6504 or email [email protected] us or complete the online price quote request.

Do I have to Pay For The Transportation Before My Service?

No, we do not require a pre-payment or deposit beforehand. We want only to receive payment after we have provided you with your service. Once you reach your final destination, you may pay with cash (any major currency) or credit (Visa/MasterCard).

What Payment Forms May I Use?

Santo Domingo Taxi can take cash (any major currency) and/or credit (Visa/MasterCard). No pre-payment or deposit is required, and you may pay once you reach your final destination.

How Will I Recognize My Car/Driver?

Before your transfer we will send you then name of your driver, a photo of your driver and a photo of the vehicle that you will be transported in. Also, your driver will have a sign that will have your name n it. We go the extra mile to make sure your transfer is as smooth as possible.

Does Santo Domingo Car Service Pick Up From the Santo Domingo Airport?

Yes, car service from the Santo Domingo Airport is the #1 service we provide. We will send a driver with a sign to meet you once you exit the customs room and then we will have you on your way to your final destination.

Will your Santo Domingo Car Service Be a Private Transfer?

Yes, our car service offers private transfers. Shared transfers require you to wait for the bus to fill up, then makes several stops, and, typically for 2 or more clients, there is very little savings, if any at all, in comparison to a private transfer. With no great savings and the significant amount of time being added to a shared transfer, we offer only private transfers.

What Services Does Santo Domingo Taxi Provide?

Our car service can provide you a transfer from the Santo Domingo Airport or anywhere in Santo Domingo to your final destination. We are also more than just a car service in Santo Domingo. We offer assistance with planning your vacation here in the Dominican Republic, as well as planning your tours, and excursions. We encourage you to contact our native English-speaking reservations department for any assistance you might need. We have lots of information for you, and, as always, our information is FREE!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Male Testimonial

Well organized and professional Car Service

I organized a car service from the Santo Domingo Airport and from my hotel back to the airport. I had arranged it all by email with my flight details and the responses were very prompt and with the right information. Both pickups were on time. The car was spotless, and the driver was friendly, professional and helpful. Compared to the price the hotel was offering, it was also slightly cheaper. I would definitely recommend Santo Domingo Car Service, especially for women traveling on their own. I will hopefully get the chance to use them again.


Female Testimonial

Solid Car service, Would Recommend

Solid car service. Met us at the Santo Domingo Airport and helped us get going. Picked our group up in a bus. Had beers waiting in a cooler for us. Spoke English. Fairly priced everything. When we had to check out of our Airbnb well before our flight they brought us to a restaurant nearby for a couple hours and then got us to the airport so we didn’t have to worry about our bags or sitting in the airport for ages. Pretty much the best car service you could hope for in Santo Domingo.


Family Testimonials

Very Reliable Car Service

Have found this car service on TripAdvisor that have good reviews and it was true. I have booked 3 services from this company; two long distance transfers and a walking tour of the colonial zone in Santo Domingo. During the booking process while I was still in the UK, Ken always replied promptly to all my queries. I was a bit apprehensive on arriving at the cruise terminal in La Romana as I had been let down by a company in another country before. But it was perfect. The driver was there waiting for us. The car services were excellent, and I would definitely recommend this company visiting Santo Domingo.


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