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#1 Excursion In The Dominican Republic

Isla Saona Excursion


The Best way to experience the Caribbean is on it


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Isla Saona Excursion

Experience the Caribbean like no other way you can – on it!!!

The Isla Saona excursion (Saona Island excursion) is more than an island excursion. It’s an experience that truly combines the best that the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean have to offer.

Board a catamaran sailboat and set sail on the Caribbean ocean. On the way to Isla Saona, make stops that will allow you to:

saona island tours

Swim & Snorkel

One of the stops while on your sailboat excursion will allow you to swim in a natural swimming hole on the Caribbean.

Isla Saona Excursion

Visit the National Park of the East

Sail along an environmentally-protected park where you will visit from the Caribbean Ocean side. You will interact with nature: view the mangroves, several species of native birds, starfish, and the natural habitat.

Isla Saona Excursion

Sail Along Where The Caribbean Meets The Atlantic

While on the catamaran sailboat you will sail along where the Caribbean Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean, and, if you are lucky, there may be a chance to spot bottlenose dolphins, turtles, manatees, and whales.

saona island tours

Music, Dancing and Drinks

While sailing the Caribbean Ocean you will be treated to the traditional Caribbean music of bachata, merengue, and salsa while taking advantage of the all-you-can drink refreshments – local rum and beer, water, Coca-Cola, etc. All with the backdrop of the Caribbean Ocean.

Isla Saona Excursion

Arriving At Isla Saona

After sailing the Caribbean for several hours, you will then arrive at Isla Saona where the pristine white beaches and turquoise blue waters will amaze you. A truly once-in-a lifetime experience!

Isla Saona Excursion

Food and Drink

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet consisting of fresh grilled fish, grilled chicken, rice, vegetables, sautéed potatoes, green salad, bread, etc., along with unlimited refreshments – local beer and rum, water, coco-cola, etc.

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isla saona tours

Relax and Enjoy Saona Island Tours

Relax in a hammock under a swaying palm tree and enjoy the absolute beauty of the island, or you can swim and/or snorkel in the incredible turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

isla saona tours

Return To the Mainland

After a long day of sailing the Caribbean Ocean and enjoying Isla Saona , it will be time to return to the mainland and you will be taken back on a speedboat which is the perfect way to end your day – enjoying the cooling breeze of the speedboat as your return to Bayahibe.

What Makes Our Isla Saona Excursion The Best?

Isla Saona Tours from Santo Domingo is a lifetime experience. That’s why we have created the perfect excursion for you from start to finish with two areas that separate us from others.

saona island tours

Transportation to and from where you board the boat

We pick you up at your hotel/resort/AirBnB, etc., and drop you off at the boat with no waiting on others to continue the trip and no switching vehicles.

Many companies to save money, will have a small vehicle pick you up, drop you off at another location (under a bridge, in a gas station parking lot, etc.) to wait for a larger group to continue the trip. Sometimes the wait can be long and on the side of a busy road.

The Boat

We use a large catamaran boat for two reasons.

Enjoyment: – you can walk around to enjoy the views for the various sides of the boat, walk around or even dance with your drink in your hand, etc..

Safety: – – this boat is capable of traversing the Caribbean waters with no problem.

isla saona tours

Things to Bring with you

Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes (preferably that can get wet). You will be on a boat for several hours and on an island for several hours as well.


Pick-up from your hotel, resort, AirBnb, etc., (time dependent on pick-up location) 7:00-8:30 am
Depart Bayahibe to sail the Caribbean on a catamaran 9:30 am
Arrive at Isla Saona 12:00 pm
Enjoy a prepared lunch 12:30 pm
Continue to enjoy Isla Saona 1:00 pm
Board a speedboat back to the mainland 3:30 pm
Your driver will be waiting for you to take you back to your hotel, resort, AirBnb, etc. 4:00 pm


For the tickets for the boat and Isla Saona (all-inclusive except transportation to and from the boat)

  • $60 USD per person (12 or older)
  • $40 USD per child (12 or younger)
  • $0 per infant


We offer this excursion from almost anywhere and any size group. For this reason the pricing for transportation will be dependent on your pick-up location and the number participants. Please provide us this information and we will confirm your transportation costs.

Isla Saona Excursion

Questions & Answers

Facts About The Isla Saona Excursion

How to Get to Isla Saona from my hotel, resort, AirBnb?

We will pick you up and drive you directly to Bayahibe. Our driver will introduce you to the guide working on the boat and make sure you are settled before the driver leaves. The driver will then be back and waiting for you to return from Isala Saona. Once you are back on the mainland, we will have you on your way back to your hotel, resort, AirBnB as soon as you are ready to go.

Here are some estimated travel times from popular pick up locations
  • From Santo Domingo To Isla Saona is about 1 ¾ hours
  • From Juan Dolio To Isla Saona is about 1 hour
  • From La Romana To Isla Saona is about ¾ hours
  • From Punta Cana To Isla Saona is about 1 ¼ hours

Where is Isla Saona located?

Isla Saona is located off the shores of Bayahibe which is located on the south-eastern side of the Dominican Republic and on the Caribbean Ocean.

Is this excursion the Isla Saona catamaran tour?

Our excursion uses a catamaran as we believe this is the best way to experience the Caribbean Ocean. We have a large catamaran sailboat that allows you to walk around, look out over the water on whichever side you prefer. Along with being the most enjoyable to arrive at Isla Saona we also believe it is the safest mode of transportation.

On the way back to the mainland (Bayahibe) from Isla Saona you will be taken back by speedboat.

*Note: Usually you spend the morning on the catamaran sailboat and then a speedboat on the way back after your day on the Caribbean and Isla Saona. However, occasionally the boats work in reverse (1st the speedboat and then the catamaran) depending on weather, etc. Some of our schedule is reliant on mother nature.

Is this excursion the Isla Saona private tour?

No, this is not a private excursion and it is the only excursion we offer that is not private. We believe a large catamaran is the best way to experience the Caribbean Ocean while transiting to Isla Saona. Therefore you will join other groups on the boat. The private tours are on small boats with hard seats and an inability to move around. That is why we don’t offer the private tours. They are not enjoyable. By far this is the best way to experience Isla Saona.

What type of boat will be used?

The majority of the time you will be on a catamaran sailboat. There is no better way to enjoy your time on the Caribbean than on a catamaran sailboat. Large enough so you can walk around.

Can I get a refund if I book an Isla Saona excursion and then want to cancel?

The answer is yes and no. We can offer a full refund up till 3-days before your excursion. Since the food and drink must be purchased and taken to the island along with a reservation made for you on the boat, we must do all this 3-days before. If the weather is so bad that we can’t go, then you will be issued a refund or have your excursion moved to a different date (your choice). Please keep in mind the weather can’t just be cloudy or a little breezy. The weather must be inclement. Light rain doesn’t cancel the trip. In the Caribbean we have several light showers in a day while the rest of the day is perfect.

Does the excursion get cancelled for weather?

If the bad weather is extreme enough, then yes, we will cancel the excursion and refund your money. Please keep in mind many times the excursion will continue even if rain is predicted. Many days it rains here, and the Caribbean rains last for 15 minutes and then the sun comes out. You will be on a boat, in the ocean and on an island so we know getting a little wet from a quick downpour won’t ruin your experience.

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