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Two Tours With One Low Price

There are several Santo Domingo Attractions and City Tour options but this tour combines the best of both the “Tour of Santo Domingo” and the “Tour of the Colonial Zone“. We threw out all the boring parts and packed this tour full of the best that Santo Domingo and the Colonial Zone have to offer. There is no better way to see the city and its history.


Santo Domingo Attractions

Start your Santo Domingo Tour off by visiting the Park of the Three Eyes and Faro Colon. They are both close to each other and are walking activities.

After you have enjoyed these locations, cool of in the vehicle while being driven the malecon (the seaside) to see some of the sites of Santo Domingo that you can’t walk to -government buildings, the theater, etc.

Snap a few pictures at the Palacio Nacional (the President’s Office) and then, if you want to buy some souvenirs, now would be the time as the Palacio Nacional is close to the Mercado Modelo -a great and inexpensive place to buy souvenirs.

Afterwards, we will take you to the Colonial Zone where you can start exploring the streets, buildings, and museums in the oldest city in the new world.

Faro Colon

Both a mausoleum and museum it is dedicated to Christopher Columbus and the building is in the shape of the cross to signify the Christianization of the New World (the Americas).

The Park Of The 3 Eyes

An open are cave system created centuries ago when the roofs collapsed and formed 3 bowls that filled with water. This is one of the most visited tourist sites in the Dominican Republic. It’s a surprising must see!

Presidential Palace

Moved from the Colonial Zone in 1947 and built on the grounds of the old Presidential mansion, it is the current offices of the President. With the backdrop of the Palacio Nacional this is an excellent stop for taking photos .

For The Best City & Historical Tour In Santo Domingo


The Colonial Zone Tour

The Colonial Zone is an obvious must see. Santo Domingo is the first city in the New World and is what Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering.

The part of the city that was inhabited in the 1500’s in now called the Colonial Zone or in Spanish, Zona Colonial. This area is rich in history and with its museums, architecture, buildings, cafes, restaurants, and bars this should be a sure stop for everyone’s tour of Santo Domingo.

With each step you walk down on the 1st street of the new world, Calle Las Damas, you will feel yourself going back in time until you feel like you are in the Colonial times.

Tour of Santo Domingo -Alcazar de Colon

Alcazar Colon

Built in the early 1500’s for the son of Christopher Columbus (Diego Columbus) this is the oldest viceregal residence in the new world. It has been restored to Colonial times and is the most visited museum in the Colonial Zone.

Colonial Zone Tour -Santo Domingo -Las Casas Reales

Las Casas Reales

Established in 1511 to protect the Spanish crown’s interest in the new world, this building in colonial times housed both the first courthouse in the new world & the management for Spain. Later it was used as the offices of the President of the Dominican Republic until 1947.

Tour of Santo Domingo-Hostal-Nicolas-de-Ovando

Casa De Nicolas De Ovando

Built for Nicolas de Ovando the 3rd Governor of the West Indies in 1502, this is one of the oldest houses in the new world and is located in the heart of the Colonial Zone on Calle Las Damas. It is now a being used as a hotel.

Santo Domingo City Tour -Hospital Nicolas de Bari

Ruins Hospital San Nicolas De Bari

Construction started in 1502 at the request of the governor of Santo Domingo, Nicolas de Ovando and it officially become a ruin in 1908 when the walls caved in. This hospital was the 1st of the new world and was one of the most modern hospitals of its time.

Santo Domingo Tours-Pate Palo

Pate Palo

One of the eight restaurants located in Plaza Espana. This is the oldest still running restaurant in the new world. Sir Francis Drake ate here back in the 1586 while he was pillaging the country and you can to.

Old town Tour-Panteon De la Patria

Panteon De la Patria

Originally built in 1746 to house a Jesuit church, it was later changed to a tobacco warehouse in the 1700’s and then in the 1800’s a theater. In 1956 Dominican dictator Rafeal Trujillo converted this building into a national mausoleum.

Santo Domingo City Tours-Fortaleza Ozama

Fortaleza Ozama

Built in 1502 to protect the city of Santo Domingo and named after the river it overlooks, Ozama, it is the oldest European designed fortress in the new world.

Zona Colonial Tour - Ruins of the San Franciscan Monastery

Ruins Monastery De San Francisco

Built in the early 1500’s this was the monastery for the Franciscan Fathers. This is one of the most important ruins of the new world and is awe-inspiring to see in person. These ruins are still here after hurricanes, earthquakes and being pilfered by Sir Frances Drake in 1856.

Santo Domingo Attractions

Parque colon

Located in the center of the Colonial Zone this vibrant park was later renamed to honor Christopher Columbus in the 1800’s when this statue was added. Along side the park are the 1st cathedral in the new world and Calle Conde, the commercial heart of the city in the colonial times.

Tour of Santo Domingo -Plaza Espana

Plaza Espana

This was the main gathering area in the Colonial times. On one side you will see Alcazar de Colon (Diego Columbus’ house) and the other side has 8 restaurants that used to be warehouses for the products being shipped back to Spain.

Tour of the Colonial Zone Santo Doming - Cathedral of the Americas

Cathedral of Americas

The oldest cathedral in the Americas is a still an operating church and a museum. It is located on the side of Paque Colon and until 1992 Christopher Columbus’ remains were here. With its coral-limestone walls, 12 chapels and immense history, this is a must see when visiting Santo Domingo.

First House New World Colonial Zone Santo Domingo

La Casa De Cordon

Built in 1502 this is the 1st stone house of the New World. The son of Christopher Columbus along with his wife and son lived in this house until their residence, Alcazar de Colon was completed. This house was owned by Manuel Jimenes Ravelo, who was the son of the 2nd president of the Dominican Republic.

What They Are Saying About Our Tour

Ken and his staff are great, to put it simply. I contacted him at the last minute (the night before we wanted to hire him) to inquire about getting a driver for the day to see several sights in Santo Domingo. Not only did he respond quickly, but he also responded thoroughly.

He not only provided prices, but also gave a well-thought out itinerary that included all the sites we wanted to see, along with his input as to time and cost for the attractions. When he found out that none of us spoke fluent Spanish, he also informed me that he would come with us to get the day started and make sure things went smoothly. He ended up staying with us the whole day, and even joined us for dinner.

He’s a delight to be around, and very knowledgeable about the area and the attractions in Santo Domingo. We were a group of 10 that included 4 adults, 4 teens, and 2 kids and everyone had a blast. I had a broken ankle at the time and he was super helpful in assisting me, too. His prices were more than fair (quite reasonable, actually) and his service (and that of the driver we had) were spectacular. My family and I travel a lot and have hired many guides and Ken was one of the best we have ever had. He has my highest recommendation.


We decided to pay a little bit more and have a private car take us from Punta Cana into Santo Domingo to tour for the day. The other common way seems to be to get on a bus with 50 to 75 people be shuttled around like cattle to tour. No thank you! Booking our driver was flawless as there was a United States based phone number we could call or email. Ken was really good at communicating and confirming the arrival time of our driver at the resort. Roderich our driver was early the morning of pick up and spoke wonderful English. We had a great time chatting with him along the 2 hour drive and just like we were hanging out with a friend. It was casual and we were able to stop when or when we wanted. He is an extremely safe driver! When we got into Santo Domingo Ken joined for the day of touring. What we paid was very fair considering we were gone all day and we had guides with this.


For The Best City & Historical Tour In Santo Domingo


The average tour last for about 4 ½ to 5 hours but the tour can be as long or short as you would like. If you are enjoying the information being provided you may choose to stay at one or more points of interest for a longer period and/or if you like a more abbreviated version that is fine as well. The itinerary and times below are what we have found most our past clients enjoy.

Estimated itinerary.

The Park of the 3 Eyes 1 hr
Faro Colon 1/2 hr
Drive around the city 3/4 hr
Presidential Palace 1/2 hr
Lunch (Traditional Dominican -optional) 1 hr
Colonial Zone (14+ points of interest) 2 hrs
(Longer or shorter as you want it)


The pricing includes all entrance fees, a private tour guide -just for your group (with your preferred language), transportation to the various points of interest and pick-up/drop-off to any hotel, AirBnB, etc. in Santo Domingo.

Minimum tour size is 2 adults.

Group size Pricing:

3 or less $75 USD / person (minimum $150 USD)
4 or more $50 USD /person

*We can pick up and drop of groups of any size anywhere in the country. Please contact us for transportation pricing.

Tour Of Santo Domingo

Questions & Answers

Facts about The Santo Domingo City & Colonial Zone Tour

Can I Be Picked Up From My Hotel, Resort or Rental?

Yes, we can pick you up from anywhere just contact us and let us know many passengers and where you are staying. Price Quote

Is This A Guided Tour of Santo Domingo?

Yes, we offer English speaking guided tours of the Colonial Zone and Santo Domingo. Tours are also offered in Spanish, French, German and Italian.

Is This A Guided Tour of The Colonial Zone?

Yes, we can provide you either a guided tour of the Colonial Zone or you may take our 2 for 1 tour which provides you a chance to see the best of Santo Domingo along with the Colonial City.

Do The Guides For the Colonial Zone Tour Speak English?

The guides for the Colonial Zone tour speak English and this is our most popular tour language. We also have tours of the Colonial Zone in Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

Where Are The Historical Sites In Santo Domingo?

Most of the historical sites are in the part of Santo Domingo called the Colonial Zone and it is also referred to as the Colonial City. This is the first city of the New World and we will help you explore the very same streets that Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake and many others walked.

What Are The Historical Sites In Santo Domingo?

There are many historical sites in Santo Domingo with most of them being found in the Colonial Zone or also called the Colonial City. Santo Domingo is known as the 1st city of the New World so you will discover many 1st of the New World here. While walking among the 1st hospital, cathedral, house, street, and fortress to name just a few places, you will see and feel what it was like to live in the Colonial times of the 1500s.

Is This A Walking Tour Of The Colonial Zone in Santo Domingo?

Yes, and much more. The walking tour of the Colonial Zone is in the city of Santo Domingo along the banks of the river Ozama. The majority of your tour takes place along the historical streets of the Colonial Zone but we will also show you many other wonderful sites around Santo Domingo as part of the tour.

What is Santo Domingo Like?

Santo Domingo is 1st city of the new world so it is steeped in history that has been preserved for 500 years but it also has many modern locations with high-rise buildings, elegant restaurants and luxurious hotels. Santo Domingo is located on bluffs over-looking the Caribbean Sea.

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